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February 10, 2016
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Where Did UMD Graduates Go?
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Twice a year the University Career Center & The President's Promise collects data from the students graduating in December and May. This data shows the strength of the students at UMD, and it can  give current students a glimpse as to what they can do with their majors.

The images on the right side of this page will help you learn about the features of  Where Did UMD Graduates Go database.  Click the image to enlarge it.

How to view the data:

First, set up an account in the University Career Center’s jobs and internships database, Careers4Terps. 

  • Go to the Center's home page.  
  • On the left is the login for Careers4Terps. 
  • Select Student or Alumni.
  • Login and/or register. 
  • On the main page of your Careers4Terps account, click the link to "Where Did UM Graduates Go?"