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How to Find an Internship
February 15, 2016
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Need help learning how to interview? Try our free, self-produced virtual/video mock interviewing program, InterviewStream.

The images on the right side of this page will help you learn about the features of InterviewStream.  Click the image to enlarge it.

To access InterviewStream, first set up an account in Careers4Terps, our jobs and internships database. 

  • Go to the UCC’s home page.  
  • On the left is the login for Careers4Terps.  Select Student.  Login and/or register. 
  • On the main page of your Careers4Terps account, click the link to InterviewStream. 
  • Once on the site, create an account.
  • After creating an account, continue to access InterviewStream through Careers4Terps.

How InterviewStream Can Help Improve Your Interviewing Skills
InterviewStream focuses on four basic principles: preparation, practice, communication, and evaluation.

To take full advantage, customize your interview by selecting from more than 1,500 questions or you can select the General Interview option.

Record an unlimited number of practice interviews. The interview is available shortly after recording. Then store it for future viewing and analysis.

  • Review the interview tips before you start taping.
  • E-mail the video to your career counselor, friends, alumni, faculty members, or parents. Get their feedback!
  • View and hear communication, articulation, and presentation skills.
  • Electronic resume is side-by-side with video responses. 

How to Record Yourself
Since the program videotapes you, use a computer with a camera.

If you don't have a computer with a camera, we have one in the office of the University Career Center & The President's Promise.  Ask in the Resource Room about using it or call 301.314.7233. 

The video is streamed to your secure, online InterviewStream student account,  No one can see it unless you give the password.

Recommendations for obtaining a quality video that users can see and hear well to give feedback

  • Sit at a table as if you were in an interview.   Treat this practice session as a real interview 
  • Speak up just as you would at an interview.  Do not speak softly or mumble.  Viewers of some of the videos have reported it is hard to hear students.
  • Have plenty of light in your "interview room."   Viewers of some of the videos have reported being barely able to see users and, thus, unable to give feedback on body language and facial expressions.
  • View your video to be sure you can be heard, seen, and are answering the questions in an articulate manner.  InterviewStream will not be helpful if you don't present yourself in the video as you would at a real interview.

Viewing your video
You, or anyone one else you designate, can view your video on the Web.  Since the video is converted to Flash, the computer needs Adobe Flash Player. Most computers have Flash Player loaded at purchase.  If you don't have it, download it at:  www.adobe.com/.