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AmeriCorps NCCC Webinar
September 01, 2015
Online Tools (24.7.365)

Sample 1-Franny Lucky [ Word ] [ pdf ]

  • Undergraduate student
  • Two degrees in Art History and Marketing
  • Seeking internship in exhibit design
  • One-column layout

Sample 2-Anthony Miller [ Word ] [ pdf ]

  • Undergraduate Psychology major
  • Had marketing research internship
  • Seeking sales position
  • Splits experience by Internship and Additional Experience
  • Describes Resident Assistant and restaurant job well
  • One-column layout

Sample 3-Rajeev Patel [ Word ] [ pdf ]

  • Undergraduate Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics major
  • Seeking full-time position
  • Splits experience by Research Experience and Other Experience
  • Two-column layout

Sample 4-Lenora Sanchez [ Word ] [ pdf ]

  • Undergraduate Computer Science major
  • Seeking full-time position
  • Splits experience by related and other experience
  • Includes extensive computer skills
  • Two-column layout

Sample 5-Teresa Turtle [ Word ] [ pdf ]

  • Graduate student
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Seeking employment in private sector
  • Approach is suitable for any graduate student seeking employment in the private sector
  • Two-page resume needed because of extensive research experience
  • One-column layout with section headings centered

Sample 6-Sherry Goldberg [ Word ] [ pdf ]

  • Combination functional resume
  • Groups experience by Interviewing and Communications, indicates place of employment

Sample 7-Anthony Miller: Text version of resume [ text ] [ pdf ]

  • Content is the same as Word version of resume above but no formatting
  • Text version is used in emails instead of or in addition to Word version
  • May also be used in online forms since the words are sent to receiver in text with no formatting
  • Note everything is flush left
  • No bullets, bolding, underlining, lines, or italics
  • Only formatting is spacing, line breaks using enter key, asterisks and other ASCII characters such as the equal sign: =
  • Microsoft text editor is Notepad.   Word documents can be saved as text only, by selecting the file type .txt  -  Apple text editor is TextEdit.
  • Additional information on text only resumes.