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February 15, 2016
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What Have UM Alumni Done with Their Majors?
Powered by the UM Graduation Survey

Twice a year the University Career Center and The President's Promise collects data from the graduating class in December and May. This data is not only useful to show the strength of the students at UM but it can also give current students a glimpse as to what they can do with their majors. This version of the graduation survey began running in 2009.

NOTE: You must click the "select" button in the "Step 1: Select Respondents" section to see the actual results. Also note that you will need to click on the "select" button everytime you change the filtering options.

Step 1: Select Respondents

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Sample Size Collected So Far: n=29764 Response Rate: 66.6980392157%

Post-Graduation Information:

Is your post-graduation activity your first choice?

Answer Number Percentage
Yes, my post-graduation activity is my first choice 21692 75%
No, my current post-graduation activity is not my first choice 7323 25%

29015 total items selected for this question

Is your post graduation activity directly related to your major field of study?

Answer Number Percentage
Yes, my post-graduation activity is directly related to my field of study 20883 72%
No, my post-graduation activity is not directly related to my field of study 7973 28%

28856 total items selected for this question

Employment After Graduation:

Top States Hiring Students

Answer Number
MD 7683
DC 2108
VA 1576
NY 558
CA 273
PA 234
NJ 198
TX 148
MA 138
WA 118
FL 109
NC 81
IL 68
CT 65
DE 65
GA 61
AE 57
OH 41
CO 35
SC 31
TN 28
MI 27
MN 26
AZ 25
LA 23

Top Industries Hiring Students

Government - Federal
Health Care/Health Services
Consulting Services
Financial Services
Military & Defense
Food Services
High Tech/Information Technology
Business Services
Sports & Recreation
Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Top Employers Hiring Students

University of Maryland
Montgomery County Public Schools
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
U.S. Navy
Booz Allen Hamilton
Deloitte Consulting LLP
National Institutes of Health
Lockheed Martin Corporation
U.S. Army
U.S. Department of Defense
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Teach for America
Ernst & Young
Johns Hopkins University
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Science Applications International Corporation
Prince George's County Public Schools
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Marine Corps
Amazon.com, Inc.

When did you accept your job? (mark all that apply)

Answer Number Percentage
Spring semester year of graduation 4334 31%
Over 1 year ago 3827 28%
Fall semester year of graduation 2927 21%
Summer before graduation 1305 9%
Winter semester year of graduation 747 5%
1-3 months after graduation 580 4%
1-6 months after graduation 24 0%
Other 17 0%

13761 total items selected for this question

Further Education After Graduation:

Top Educational Institutions Accepting UM Students

University of Maryland
University of Maryland, Baltimore
George Washington University
Johns Hopkins University
University of Maryland University College
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Towson University
Georgetown University
Montgomery College
Columbia University
American University
New York University
University of Pennsylvania
George Mason University
Drexel University
University of California, Berkeley
Howard University
The University of Texas at Austin
Boston University
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Michigan
Temple University
The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Loyola University, Maryland
Stanford University

What degree type will you pursue?

Answer Number Percentage
Masters degree 2806 47%
Doctoral degree 2276 38%
Other 528 9%
Second bachelors degree 237 4%
Professional degree/License 58 1%
Certificate/Certification 12 0%

5917 total items selected for this question